Ten Significant Changes in the History of Nursing Uniforms

Published: 27th April 2010
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Ten Significant Changes in the History of Nursing Uniforms

Nursing as a profession was officially identified in the year 1850 and since then has only progressed further to becoming one of the most commonly pursued professions. Over the years, with the changing technologies in the profession, the fashion of the nursing uniforms has also changed a number of times. Here below are a number of the most ridiculously designed nursing uniforms that have been worn by nurses over its history.

1. Nurse uniforms during World War I: The nurses during the first world war wore full length and full sleeve white colored dresses with a dark blue colored red lined cloak that stretched to about mid thigh length of the nurses. The pattern worn by the nurses was extremely uncomfortable, especially the busy nurses.

2. 1899 muffin caps: Around 1899, the nurse's uniform has an addition. The muffin caps were introduced mainly to hold the hair of the nurses high on the top of their heads. These caps were small and worn only high on the top of their head at the center. This was a very unacceptable pattern especially amongst the nurses who were forced to wear them.

3. Nursing uniforms in 1906: The frilly uniforms were the trend during the 1906. These uniforms also had puffed sleeves and the aprons covering the huge white colored frilly dresses. The caps worn by the nurses with the uniform were cone shaped. These nurse uniforms were very impractical as they were extremely heavy for the nurses.

4. Caps in 1940s: Nurse Caps had again evolved by the period of 1940s. These new nurse uniforms were designed in a very elaborate pointy fashion. Compared to the previous caps, these caps were designed to be worn much back on the head. They also had stripes on them for denoting the rank of the nurses.

5. Bib front uniforms: these new styled bib front-style uniforms were designed in the early 1940s and became popular by 1950s and were in fashion until 1960. However, the completely plain white colored design was extremely unhygienic especially for the patients who were extremely busy and had to attend several patients at the same time.

6. 1950's Golden age uniforms: These uniforms had short sleeves while the rest of the design was similar to the previous old age uniforms.

7. World War II summer uniforms: Nurses during this period wore all types of uniforms depending on the season, location, etc. their summer dress was designed out of rayon fabric and gray wool. The uniform looked professional but was very stiff and uncomfortable.

8. World War II Motor Corps Service: The nurses working at the motor corps had a uniform that was much similar to the uniform worn by the military officials.

9. Pleated uniform dresses in 1980's: Short uniforms with small sleeves and button collars with pleats falling upto the knees was the fashion in 1980s. The design looked extremely unfashionable.

10. White cuff uniforms: The sleeves with white cuffs were also a part of the uniform styles followed by the nurses. However, the pattern was not much followed as the cuffs had to be washed and starched regularly.

Rahul Patel is an expert in nursing uniforms and working as a freelance writer for online retailer of peaches uniforms in USA.

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